There are a number of free survey tools (or tools with free versions) that can be used to create quizzes and
polls for your learners. Typeform is one of these – the free version lacks some of the tool’s advanced
functions. Others include Google Forms (free) and SurveyMonkey (free basic version with up to 10 questions).
Typeform prides itself on creating an attractive user experience which adapts to the device used to access the
quiz. For example, it is easy to incorporate images and videos into the welcome screen or quiz questions, and
you can customize the background image and font type. Once you have created the poll, survey or quiz,
Typeform, like the other tools, provides a weblink to the poll or quiz to send by email to learners or embed in a
VLE (such as Moodle). The results can be shared with learners as a chart, and downloaded as a spreadsheet.
Typeform also enables you to track number of participants along with the type of device they are using.

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