Discussion on Active Learning

The definition learning by doing seems to be very broad and essentially does not allow to capture the richness of an active learning strategy.

[1] provides a clean and unambiguous definition of active learning in a face-to-face classroom. The authors provide four requirements of active learning in this paper.

  1. Instructor creates carefully designed ac+vi+es that require students to talk, write, reflect and express their thinking.
  2. Students go beyond listening, copying of notes, execution of prescribed procedures.
  3. Explicitly based on theories of learning.
  4. Evaluated empirically through empirical research

I think many would have issues with point 4 (and maybe on 3 to some extent). However this wiki talk page is a good place to discuss and refine this idea.

[1] Meltzer, David E., and Ronald K. Thornton. "Resource letter ALIP–1: active-learning instruction
in physics." American journal of physics 80.6 (2012): 478-496.

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